Remote controlled boats – fun times at the park

So I don’t know if you know this, I probably didn’t mention it anywhere else on the website here 🙂 , but I’m a huge fan of anything RC, remotely controlled. I have a huge collection of cars, trucks, tractors (my grandson loves tractors) and my personal favorite, RC boats. I don’t know why I love boats, but they are my absolute favorite as far as my RC toys goes. Today I thought I would share a favorite RC boat of mine. Let’s check it out.

Here it is. That didn’t take long. I don’t have a cool name for it, but this little guy has provided me, my grandson and a bunch of other random kids at the park who happen to be around me when I’m playing with it, countless hours of fun. Maybe the reason why I love this boat so much is because I still remember when I first bought it and took it to the park together with my late wife. Maybe now, every time that I go to the park, I’m reminded of those fond memories that I have with my wife Sophie.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all. I hope that you enjoyed checking this bad boy out, as much as I love taking it to the Stockwood Park here in Luton and spreading its wings in the parks pond. Who knows, if you’re reading this and you’re from around Luton, you might even see it in action with your own eyes. See you there.